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Senate Carnival

Held in the Atrium and the neighboring hallway, the Carnival hosted by Senate was a big hit. The weather outside was cold, but inside everything was bustling with energy. Students lined up for various activities, including a mechanical bull, a photo booth, spray-painted shirts, inflatables, and caricatures, just to name a few.

Quotes from Senate Carnival

“I also came here [the Carnival] last year and I made a teddy bear. I made another this year so now it has a companion!” – Anupa George, Biology Junior

“We are Any Excuse for a Party based in Fairfield, NJ. We go around colleges, private parties, weddings… anything! The inflatables are the most popular.” – Jose Tavarez, guy in charge of leather art

“I like the caricatures. Mine is me riding a horse backwards. It’s really funny.” – Bushra Qureshi, Chemistry Sophomore

“I rode the bull. I last 4 seconds. It was fun.” – Alexandra Orzel, ChemE Sophomore

“I look silly in this picture (holding up caricature). It’s a great way to start the semester. I wish they did this later in the semester cause it’s a great way to de-stress.” – Geoffrey Gabriel, Architecture Sophomore

“He [the caricaturist] really got my cheekbones (showing off caricature). I think it’s really great. Pretty cool that the weather outside is bad, but it’s nice and fun inside. I’m gonna go ride the bull soon.” – Victor Delcarro, Architecture Sophomore

“I lasted on the bull for 67 seconds! And I’m going to keep trying. This is a good event, but last year was better because it was outside and warmer.” – Lionel Gould, Digital Design Junior

“The turn out for this event is always good. We go through a contract agency and we just tell them ‘this is what we want’ and they come and help us run it. It’s pretty much the same (as last year) except this year we had airbrushing. The mechanical bull, the airbrushing and the leather art seems to be the most popular.” – Oscar, IT Junior (Senate Treasurer, main organizer)

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