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Provost’s Words on NJIT Scheduling

Given recent interruptions to scheduled day and evening class, we would like to provide you assurances that the university administration is considering various options for making up lost instructional time. As weather disruptions may still occur in the weeks ahead, it is too early to finalize any adjustments to the academic calendar. Furthermore, because of the extensive cross-registration between NJIT and Rutgers-Newark, there is a need to remain aligned, to the extent possible, with Rutgers’ calendar. For now, the last day of classes remains Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

Depending on the nature of courses, instructors may consider one or more of the following options to make up for lost instructional time:

Use available common hours as teaching slots, with the exception of the Wednesday 2:30 PM slot remaining open for activities and club meetings, keeping in mind that some students may have common exams during the Monday common hours.

Schedule Saturday review sessions, both in-person and online; and

Make use of online technology resources to supplement instructional delivery outside of normal class time.

Depending on additional closures, it may be necessary to reassign a missed day in the academic calendar (i.e. convert a Thursday to a Wednesday schedule). As a reminder, the Spring 2014 academic calendar currently indicates the following:

Tuesday, May 6: Friday schedule

Wednesday, May 7: Reading Day

Thursday, May 8 – Wednesday, May 14: Final exams

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