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This is a new feature of The ARTicle brought to you by Jay Wall, the Treasurer and resident Paper Mache Artist of the Student Art Society.

Are you ready for NJIT’s MiniCon? If not, Student Art Society is here to help you out. If you don’t have the time to make a costume for the event, we have you covered! During MiniCon, we’ll have affordable costumes, wigs, hats, faux fur gauntlets, and other cosplay items for sale. We’ll also have Student Art Society artists painting faces for $1 to $5. You can even get your face re-painted several times throughout the entire day if you want to change it up and surprise your friends with your new disguise.

We’ll have appearances by Scar the Predator from “Alien versus Predator” (AVP), Rorschach from “Watchmen”, Hit Girl from “KickAss”, Lady Wolverine from the X-Men comic book series, and caped crusaders Batman and Batgirl. Our digital photographers will be on the premises to snap a few shots of you and your friends posing for this great photo-op moment so you can get your pictures taken with these costumed characters and the infamous SAS mannequins.

Our other table will feature a “Welcome” mural, so feel free to make your mark on it. In addition, we’ll be displaying student artwork, fantasy art, and several large scale paper sculptures by our grand master paper artist “X”. We will also have student artists available to do commissioned work for negotiable rates depending on the intricacy of the art piece. Do you have a favorite comic book hero or villain, videogame / sci-fi / movie character that you want made into a handmade personalized sketch or poster? Show us a representation of what you want drawn and we will do our best to deliver the art piece that you want at an agreeable price!

During the day, we’ll have our classic “YumYum Sale” where we have a variety of delicious homemade cookies, brownies, various flavors of gourmet cheesecake with whipped cream, fresh clementines, candies, chocolates, and fruit snacks, all under $3. All sales from our fundraisers help us pay for the art supplies that we use when we host our art workshops, which are free and open to visitors! Is there an art form, or medium, that you’ve always wanted to learn? You can make a request to us for a specific art workshop by submitting an email. To submit a request, or for more information about our workshops, send us an email at njit.sas@gmail.com

Remember to visit our tables during the NJIT MiniCon! Thanks for continuing to support the arts at NJIT. See you around campus :)

Artist Asks A Question!

Donnie Ray “Art Demon” Damon Jr.

This is a new feature of The ARTicle brought to you by Donnie Ray Damon Jr., the Social Media Manager and Advertising Assistant of the Student Art Society. Each week The Art Demon will ask 3 NJIT students what a word or phrase means to them and you can see what your fellow classmates have to say off the top of their heads(without the help of Google or a friend)

Today’s AAAQ (pronounced “Ack!”) is “What is a nom de plume?”

(Format of the AAAQ)


Student 1

Lynda Nwankwo: “Well nom is ‘name’ and de is ‘of’, then what the [H] is plume?”


Student 2

Maurice Boyd: “It must be some French word.”


Student 3

Chang Yaramothu: “Something that’s not supposed to happen.”

A nom de plume is actually French for “pen name,” a pseudonym that a writer or author uses instead of their real name. It is pronounced ‘nom-day-ploom.’ A famous American author who wrote under a nom de plume was Mark Twain, whose real name was actually Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Nowadays, the nom de plume is an “a.k.a.” or an “also known as”.

Thanks for reading this week’s AAAQ – every week, I ask a new AAAQ. If you want to participate, you can contact us through njit.sas@gmail.com or Like our page at facebook.com/SASofNJIT. Enjoy your week!

by Jay Wall

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