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A Thing About Sacrifice

Whenever I hear someone talking about sacrificing something in their lives, I wonder why they chose to do it.  Whether it was for a personal reason or if they had no other choice, it’s my way of seeing what kind of person they are.

I only make sacrifices as a last resort. I always try to find a solution to my dilemmas and they work most of the time, but when the time comes to pick one or the other, sacrifice is one of the hardest decisions I make in my life. It’s worse than choosing between Meat Lovers or Supreme pizza from Pizza Hut.

Since my matriculation into NJIT, I found myself lost in a campus full of resources that I didn’t even know existed. I ignored the tutoring I needed to keep my grades up, I didn’t seek the help I needed to keep my head up. All in all, I sacrificed my mind and my heart to finally be free. Was it worth it? Absolutely not.

After nearly three years of being in this school, I finally found clarity. Sacrifice is about realizing that life is limited to the time you spend making the best of it. Sacrifice doesn’t always mean giving up what you like doing the most or the person you love. It’s about letting go and moving on with your life. Most people see sacrifice as something negative done for themselves and a positive thing done for others. What’s the point of sacrificing something if you’re just going to feel guilty about it?

Take a chance with the hard choices you have to make. Be brave in not knowing the outcome of your decisions. Remember the strength you showed in even considering making a sacrifice.

This semester, I took a chance. This semester, I sacrificed taking the easy route and set myself up for a long, difficult journey to graduation. I could have chosen to stay where I was at last year, when I had no motivation to be the best I can be and when I didn’t really care much about the choices I was making. Instead I chose to go down a path where I knew I would have a helping hand through the ups and downs, a guide to where I’m supposed to be, and a friend that I can call my brother.

About The Author

Leonard-Angelo Valenzuela

I was born in Quezon City, Philippines and officially came to America in 1996. My hobbies include eating, sleeping, photography, and occasionally, taking long walks in the forest. I am a third year at NJIT and I study Mechanical Engineering Technology. I am currently the Executive Editor for The Vector, who handles the layout of the newspaper. My philanthropy in life is to make other people smile, and let them realize that Something Matters In Life: Everything.

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