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CCS Feedback Session

The College of Computing Sciences (CCS) feedback session was held on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 from 2:30 PM to 4 PM. 29 students were present: 16 from information technology, 9 from computer science and the remaining 4 from other majors.

There were many things that were talked about during the feedback session, including topics about classes, professors, faculty and department as a whole. Many classes discussed were IT classes including IT 201, 202 and 490. CS classes varied, including CS 252, 288, 407 and 434. A few lS classes were also talked about including IS 350 and IS 373. Issues about professors arose because many IT and CS courses need updated curriculums and more open classes for students to take.

In many IT courses, students said that course sessions were mainly PowerPoint lectures and did not provide hands-on activities. Students also commented that some professors were a bit dry. CS and IS students also followed the same route, stating that it was hard to pay attention to some professors. Some students felt that many of their grades are being withheld from them until the end of the semester, which they want changed. Some of the main issues about the department as a whole are that the CCS needs more online and summer courses for busy students. The big issue within the college is that professors only read off of PowerPoint presentations. In order to counteract the prior issue we are in talks with faculty and upper administration about a network lab. We will try and alleviate many of the questions and concerns from students as well as work diligently with professors and faculty members in order to ensure that student comments and concerns are dealt with accordingly. We will send out a second Vector article with our updates. Please look forward to it.

Ayaz Uddin

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