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Delta Phi Epsilon Mardi Gras Party

Entering the Pub last Tuesday night, the sight of purple would have greeted you. The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon threw a Mardi Gras party. They were all dressed in purple tie-dye shirts with their letters and the event name displaying proudly, handing out strings of colorful beads to anyone that asked. The sisters were asking for donations and were giving out cupcakes to those that donated. They also had a donations box in front of the free food. The money raised from the event was going towards an alumna of theirs whose son had passed away the Friday prior. There was a cake eating contest that anyone could participate in. The eaters had a bottle of water in front of them and had to finish the whole cake that lay in front of them. The contestants could only eat the cake with one hand. Everyone at the party got in close to the table where the people were stuffing their mouths full of cake. There was chanting and cheering until one person finally got the last piece down and won the prize of one hundred dollars.

IFSC Unity Dinner

The Inter Fraternity Sorority Council (IFSC) hosted their annual Unity Dinner on Friday, 7 March 2014. The Unity Dinner is a celebration and recognition of what the Greeks on campus have accomplished over the last year. The money raised from this event is going to funding the Greek scholarships that were formed earlier this semester. Both parents and faculty were invited to witness their Greeks’ accomplishments. Around the side of the ballroom, where the event was being hosted, the different Greek organizations had tables set up to show off their pride. However, with very few non-Greeks present, there were few people walking around seeing the setups. Later on, there was a presentation to dispel the stereotypes of Greeks. The goals of raising $8000 for philanthropy and doing 2000 hours of community service were shattered. Last year, Greeks raised over $17,000 and did more than 4000 hours of community service. After the dinner of salad, pasta, shrimp, bread, meatballs, and vegetables, there was an announcement that Alpha Sigma Tau had the most members in attendance at the dinner and would get 20% donated to their philanthropy.

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