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Tea Parties are one of the longstanding traditions that have withstood the test of time. On Friday, April 4th, the Student Art Society (SAS) held a Tea Party in the Atrium that brought people together to meet and greet the artists that make up SAS. This also presented an opportunity for those who knew very little about the creative organization to discover the artistic talent they create and share to the world. WJTB was also there to give life to the party through presenting their art of music.

Walking into the Atrium, one would be welcomed by a group of greeters at a table. To leave your mark at the party, a sign-in pad was presented. Turning right and further into the Atrium there were two things to be quickly noticed: a long table filled with various art, and a stage that held mystical lights flashing into the sky plus the mannequin that was a key symbol of SAS.

The long table held paintings, photos, designs, and structures. There was a great photo, taken under a beach deck, that captivated me. It created an illusion of a drifted pathway with increasing water leading to a door of light. Moving down the table, I gazed at a mannequin head that was painted on Joker-style, a beautiful yet chilling design. The final design at the end of the table was a very cute and wonderful drawing that had great symmetry, of two fish singing together with a musical note in the center. The color contrast of the drawing blended smoothly together, creating a very basic but contrasted piece of art. As a man who loves symmetry and blending colors, I truly enjoyed the drawing.

The stage was designed as a place for people to show off the art of fashion and dance. The mannequin served as the main show to exhibit the fashion styles those in SAS find to be dazzling. In terms of dance, a student named Donnie had stormed the stage to show the art of dance to those entering and observing the party. I, being a fellow dancer, joined him as we showed others the art, fun, and gracefulness of dance.

Further down, past these two, was the food and tables where people could have pastries, tea or coffee and a place to chat and converse with friends or strangers. I grabbed some tea and a muffin and conversed with some people. Many were surprised with the talent that NJIT had hidden within it and really enjoyed the music and food while observing the art.

I had a chat with the manager of Student Art Society, a woman named Louie. Louie had told me that she held the event so that everyone can see the talent in their own community and to get to know the people of Student Art Society. She also had hoped for hidden artists to come show their talent and to join their group. She was happy to see many students come and have a great time and hopes to see many more in future events.

The tea party had given SAS the opportunity to present their skills and talent to the NJIT community. The party even prompted many others to join and attempt to increase and perfect their own art. A cup of tea also helped soothe the soul of those stressing through exams and projects. The Tea Party was one that brought life and talent to the community and the Student Art Society is a group to watch out for. Who knows how their next cup of tea will surprise NJIT!

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