SAC Carnival Brings Fun Times for All

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SAC Carnival Brings Fun Times for All

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014, NJIT’s Student Activities Council continued its highly anticipated Spring Week with a carnival that took place for most of the day on the Green. The carnival was filled with activities one would find at any other carnival – food, giveaways, and plenty of bouncy house activities.

One of the major features of the carnival were the multiple bouncy house attractions that were set up on the Green. One of them was the Wrecking Ball, in which students had to push an enormous, inflatable wrecking ball while standing on the bouncy castle. Another favorite was the Slippery Slope. Students had to race each other up a steep slope, which as the name implies, was certainly a difficult task.

Mariam Abid, a biology major, stated that the bouncy houses were her favorite part about the carnival. “They really made me happy!” said Abid.

Another key aspect of the carnival was the balloon animal artist who walked around making a variety of balloon figurines from swords, hats, and even monkeys. When asked what her favorite part of the carnival was, biology major Shaimaa Shkwet said, “My favorite part was definitely the balloon animals.”

In addition, there were vendors giving away free food that was reminiscent of those typically found in well-established carnivals, such as candy apples and funnel sticks. There were also an abundance of giveaways, including free shirts being catapulted from the roof of the Campus Center every hour.

Math major Robert Cuber decided to check out the carnival because the rest of his friends wanted to go, but he was extremely impressed with how much the SAC Carnival had to offer. “The carnival was a nice escape, and the attractions were fun,” said Cuber.

The carnival had a great turnout, but many students, such as Cuber, had math commons later on in the day. “Next time, they shouldn’t schedule the carnival on the day of a major common,” Cuber said.

However, it can be confidently stated that the carnival definitely put students’ minds off of their impending exams, and it put the rest of the carnival-goers in a great mood as they continued with their days’ activities.

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