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Every year, NJIT holds a Convocation as per tradition. This convocation recognizes the achievements of the staff of NJIT, awards notable academic staff, and most importantly welcomes the freshman to the institution. It is one of the two biggest academic events of the year; the other, commencement for the graduating seniors, will be held at the end of the academic year.

Convocation took place on the upper green this year, across from the rowdy club fair on the lower green. Despite the noise from the student organizations, the event went smoothly as the freshmen sat down and watched the event unfold on that sunny day.

There was a lot to celebrate at this convocation. This freshman class broke records for being the largest entering class in NJIT’s history at almost 1100, as well as the smartest with overall SAT scores of critical reading and math averaging at 1190. It continues the trend of continually growing freshman classes for the past few years.

The event started with the traditional bagpipes and NJIT’s alma mater, which for many of the freshmen, would be the first time they would hear it.

A number of speakers went up that day, including NJIT President Bloom and Senate President Alpha Jalloh. Bloom enthusiastically welcomed the students to the beginning of their college careers in his State of the University Address. Alpha also addressed the freshmen, reflecting on his own time at the college and recommending that they get involved with an on campus organization. They both received great rounds of applause from the equally enthused freshmen.

Also honored were various staff members; professors and directors of the institution were recognized at the ceremony and given various awards for their contributions to NJIT.

After the convocation had ended, all the freshmen went to go sign their names in the official NJIT college registrars. It signified the start of their college careers, as it did ours, and the beginning of their affiliation with NJIT.

After signing the registrar, students dispersed into the nearby club fair where organizations would welcome them into the ever growing NJIT family.

To our new Highlander brothers and sisters: Welcome to NJIT! You are officially part of the institution, for better or for worse.

Go Highlanders!

Stephen Chan

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