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On Wednesday night all the Greek fraternities were gathered together in the ballroom. They had their tables decorated with all their pride. Letters showing and trophies abounding, there was an excitement for freshman to arrive. This was the Greek orientation; similar to the club fair, this event was to introduce the freshmen to the many Greek organizations on campus.

All the freshmen that came were asked to fill out the new online recruitment form. The people that signed then went through a brief intro about fraternity life before being split into groups. They did various activities that informed them about different faces of the Greek life and systems at NJIT.

Later on it turned into “fraternity speed-dating”. The groups were sent to different fraternity tables and then moved to the next table after a set time; a great idea, but audio difficulties limited the effectiveness of this tactic. Groups stayed at tables for extended time periods because there were no loud announcements made about when to switch.

As the night progressed, some groups ended up merging as they moved in alternating directions. It was a nice idea for potentials to move along and get to see every fraternity, but it’s a shame that it was not executed as they envisioned. However, the fraternities met new people and tried something new, and that made the event worth it.

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