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The New, Yet Familiar Entertainment Section

The entertainment section of the Vector is turning over a new leaf! This year is chock full of new and exciting columns, ranging from our new music column (starting next week), to our returning comic column.

Looking at what happened in the last two years since I’ve been in the Vector, I’ve seen all kinds of content in the entertainment section. There was a car column, as well as the very consistent anime and video game columns that have even gone through the changings of the guards on several occasions. Though, on the topic of video games, it’s been most of the paper.

As the new entertainment editor this year, I am fully aware of how many entertainment articles we have in the paper. Actually, when I pick up some of our issues from last semester, it really does feel like opening up the homepage of IGN or Gamespot. Of course, that isn’t what you, the all-important audience, want (I’ve seen those google analytics alongside all of the surveys we’ve given out to you guys and gals). That being said, you’re all going to have to deal with all of the columns we have, a lot of us are just that passionate about our distractions!

However, as much fun as our entertainment articles are, I assure you, we are doing our best to be as honest and constructive with them because of that passion we have for our topics. Though as constructive as we try to be each week, some of what we write are our own opinions and are our opinions alone. You may disagree, you may hoot and holler, and you may even call us bad names but please, we’re students, just like you, majoring in all sorts of things. We can’t always be on your side of an opinion as well as make this our main livelihood.

Leaving it at that, I hope you can come to welcome the second half of the Vector, the ever-so-popular Entertainment Section that will always have as many reviews as well as content in regards to the industries that we cover. Who knows, some of us may even dare to touch the big controversies that haunt the mediums we oh so love! Regardless, love us or hate us, we’re all gamers/audiophiles/movie nuts/comic nerds/racers/tech geeks/otaku on the inside!

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Matthew Maravilla

A game designer/developer who's only trying to make sense of all of the things he's doing through writing about those things or just plain doing them.

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