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The first month of school is almost over. October’s haunt is nearing closer. A wild exam appears! What will you do? Fight head on or run in fear?

Exams are approaching quickly upon us in our classes. They are a problem to our peaceful everyday lives; however, we must take them to secure a strong future for ourselves. By the time this article comes out, some exams will even be in process of grading. Preparing for these exams are probably the most daunting tasks. Studying is rough most of the time. But, it is very necessary in securing you a much better grade.

Remember: YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t ever say it’s too hard or you can’t study. We live in a world where countless information is at one’s fingertips. Utilize it! On the flip side, only utilize it in the positive way. Don’t let yourself get distracted by social media or video games. Studying means hard work and lots of practice. Distractions make your mind think you can’t do it. They prolong your studying and make you believe studying takes forever and gets you nowhere while the real reason is that you’re barely studying.

Moreover, you’re procrastinating. Don’t procrastinate. We all do it at one point or another, but overcoming this is ultimately the difference of you passing that exam or not. College is serious business. It won’t wait for you to do work. You have to be the change you want in the world to pass all those exams and classes!

Once you have taken the exam, you can at least sit back in the chair and know you tried your best. You studied everything you could and tried everything to get the best grade you allowed yourself to. Pass or fail, you did your best. Failure DOES happen. The difference is what you do with your failures. Are you like most people in today’s society who give up after one failure? Don’t be! Be a person who grows stronger from their failures. No one gets to the top without tripping over some steps first. You can definitely do it! I believe in you! If you ever need a hug or advice, you can be sure that I’ll be around campus for the moral support, physically or emotionally. Everyone needs a hug or pat on the back. It helps more than you think!

Now, go out and show the world how outstanding you are! You can do it! Pass those exams and start the school year off right! This year will be the year you live your fullest in college! I’ll be here supporting you through it! In the words of John Legend, from his song “Who Do We Think We Are”:

Everybody needs somebody to look up to. Why shouldn’t it be us?

Erick Allas

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