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Giovanni’s opened up on September 3rd, just as students were filing into NJIT. The new restaurant is run by Giovanni himself and his co-owner Joe Dibartolo on 191 Central Avenue, just off campus.

We got a chance to sit down and speak with Mr. Dibartolo, who attended a culinary school in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Dibartolo also owns the Montebello Food Corporation and has over 30 years of experience in the food industry. The restaurant caters and Joe would “love to have [the students].”

The restaurant has three 60” TVs broadcasting different channels at one time. It is a relaxed space with a lot of seating. There is an incoming lounge to the pizza shop to have students come in and study or hang out. The food is good quality and made fresh every day, cooked to your liking.

The piece I had was a crisp bottom with wonderfully melted cheese and a flavorful sauce—not some tomato sauce from a can. Giovanni’s accepts major debit and credit lines and, of course, cash. The prices are great for college kids that have worries about loans filling their minds. More importantly, the food is delicious; the price for the quality is incredible! It’s definitely a place to check out!

Price: $ $ – – –

Distance: walking distance

$2.00 per slice, $3.50 for specialty

Matthew Dwyer

Damian Priestner

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