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Comic Con Spotlight: Mokuni Games LCC

Walking the floors of the Jacob Javits Center, you always have to feel a little surprised about some of the booths you end up finding at the New York Comic Con. As I made my way around the lower numbered booths on the floor, I found Mokuni Games, a team of talented independent game developers based in New York City. They create awesome little gems, such as their most popular title, Kitty in the Box.

Kitty in the Box is a simple 3d casual game where players are tasked with simply sliding a kitty into a box while trying to score some cake. Kevin Chen, the art director of Mokuni Games, explained that “mobile games have to be simple and easy to play”. Clearly, that was what Kitty in the Box is, yet it is also more than that.

Kitty in a Box plays around with the simple gesture of swiping. The playing field can get smaller, it can grow larger, or the box can even start moving up and down. Though, because you need to be super precise with each swipe, that’s where challenge comes in. Each combo run is bound to end early with a little impatience or being off by just a bit when timing your swipes. However, that doesn’t mean Kitty in the Box is a hard game, as it does show leniency for novice players to get them used to the basic controls.

What else did Mokuni games have up their sleeves? Their game, Kitty in the Box, has been gaining a whole lot of popularity. After having had a short development cycle of 3 months, they wouldn’t need to buy a booth to show off their game. But, wouldn’t you want to have a cute Kitty plush on your bed side table? Mokuni wasn’t there to hype up their games as much as showing off their Kickstarter for the memorabilia featuring the kitties featured in Kitty in the Box.

If you want to play Kitty in the Box, the game is free on all mobile devices, except Blackberry. Also check out the Mokuni Games Kickstarter for their adorable plushies. Lastly, Kitty in the Box isn’t the only game by Mokuni. You can check out everything they’ve made and are making at their site,

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