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Student Satisfaction Forum Recap

Following a recent survey labeling NJIT students as the unhappiest in the nation, campus administrators took to action to solve some of the issues on campus. In an open forum on Friday, September 19, undergraduates gathered in room 118 in Kupfrian to discuss what they like about NJIT, what challenges they face at NJIT, and what NJIT can change.

Among the list of things students liked about NJIT were:

  • Diversity of student body
  • Availability of professors outside of the classroom
  • New parking lots and new Honors building

The challenges students encountered at NJIT included:

  • Not one specific location for commuters to get together
  • Stress as a result of the difficulty of the math common
  • Processing of Financial Aid

Students also weigh in with the following changes:

  • Ways to connect commuters to each other
  • Synch Pipeline and Bursar better
  • Make syllabi available to students earlier

Though these lists do no cover the entire scope of what was discussed, they serve as a model for those who were hesitant in attending. The forum was a way for the students to express their opinions and concerns without feeling pressured.

Those who could not attend need not worry. Open forums like the one on Friday will be held with more frequency throughout the semester. Keep an eye out for posters on campus or stay tuned with The Vector on social media.

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