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Habitat for Humanity Charity Festival

November 13th – A charity festival in the atrium was hosted by Alpha Sigma Tau (AΣT) and Habitat for Humanity. There was an entrance fee of $5, with the proceeds going towards Habitat for Humanity.

At the entrance, participants were given a card, and at each game to be played in the atrium, the card could be signed. After three games were played, a card with three signatures could be exchanged for pizza and fried oreos. The games played include Dance Dance Revolution, human jenga with blocks as big as an arm, blow up basket balls, and common carnival games such as ring toss.

Other features of the festival include face painting and a photobooth. There was also a raffle with various prizes such as a free movie night, nerf guns, and several gift cards. There also was a competition in which students were asked to guess how many M&M’s were in a jar.

Overall, this successfully coordinated event by Alpha Sigma Tau (AΣT) and Habitat for Humanity allowed students to have a good Thursday night, while productively giving students the opportunity to give back to the community around them.

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