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By Nooruddin Hashmi & Noor Shahin

How are you doing? Please take the time to reflect upon the following words:

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain.

One of the most remarkable facts about life is that many of us do not know why we were brought into this world or what our purpose in life actually is. We may think to ourselves: “Oh, I am alive because some molecules reacted the right way (a one in a zillionth chance) two to four billion years ago!” What do you think is the reason you were born into this world?

For some of us, we believe in God and we believe He brought us into this world in order to test us and help make us become better individuals. Others do not believe in God and believe in either a random series of events led to their creation or they believe God exists but choose not to listen to His commands.

I have a special question for all of you. What if you were to find a watch in the deserts of Arabia? Would you believe that the watch somehow created itself in the sands or would you think someone dropped it there? Since no one is nearby, you can’t really ask around to check if it belongs to anyone. The chance that the watch appeared in the sands because of a series of random molecular reactions over the course of a few billion years is ridiculously small to none.

The logical explanation is that there was a Creator that had to design the intricate parts of the watch that make it tick ever so precisely, and then after being created the watch was left in the desert by someone. Now think about how the sun works; its precise movement can be recorded and predicted to the exact second of sunrise and sunset using meteorological devices. We are able to do the same thing with the moon as well. There is a precision about these heavenly bodies that is remarkable and unlikely due to chance.

The perfect distance the sun is away from the Earth so as not to burn it or cause it to freeze over is another extraordinary phenomenon. And how about the miraculous properties of water? Water becomes less dense when it freezes while almost all other elements become denser in their solid form and therefore heavier. This property of water allows it to float harmlessly above liquid water thus allowing fish to survive in lakes when they freeze over in the winter. Who decided water would conveniently have this property and in doing so save the lives of millions of freshwater creatures?

Fact is, the watch in the desert could not have possibly been created by itself, so how could humans have been? Humans are millions of times more complicated than a watch; the precision behind them is not something that chance could have created; only an intelligent source could have constructed such a perfect organism. Don’t you think?

For those of you with any curiosities to find out about Islam and our purpose in life there is a special week coming up for YOU here on campus. This special week is known as Islamic Awareness Week and will be hosted the week of November 10th. Look out for fliers for more information. Please stop by if you have any questions or are simply curious of what Muslims are all about. Hope to see you there!

P.S. There will be free food at our event!! Find our flyer, take a look, and take advantage of this event by bringing your friends too!

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