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Recently the Student Activities Council (SAC) held a special event featuring comedian Richie Holliday. Before the night started I was able to get a personal interview with the comedian Richie Holliday himself. He talked about his history with making people laugh. He originally planned on telling collaborative jokes with a buddy, but when said friend chickened out, Richie jumped at the chance! Understanding the opportunity Richie took the stage, and since then he’s been hooked!

His favorite kind of humor to tell is silly and physical. What keeps him going is the reaction of the crowd and the feeling that he gets knowing that his jokes has brightened someone’s life for a moment. He loves bringing some of his experiences into his act; some of his favorite jokes are about church. “My friends like to go hunting so they know duck calls. I tried to learn them too except I only know how to do a Cardinal. Hallelujah!” Although a little hard to catch, I understood and chuckled. In the duration of his career he’s been to 48 states and 15 countries some of which include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Mexico, Aruba, Belize and Honduras. Recently, he had just gotten back from Brazil, and after tonight had a flight 4:30 in the morning.

The night started off with NJIT’s The Little Engineers. They performed a wonderful set to get the night started on a musical note. There a few noteworthy anecdotes that the crowd found funny. The first one went as so:

“So the doctor called me in for an eye exam but I just couldn’t read the letters. Like is that a donut? That looks like a P with a kickstand. I also not good at math. So one day my teacher asks me, ‘What do you get when you add two numbers?’ and I said an answer duh! And she corrected me saying ‘No you get a sum.’ Then another day we had a test and the first question said if you had 12 pies that were sliced into 6 pieces each and dad ate 2, how man slices are left? I answered ‘well I didn’t eat my vegetables so….I don’t know?’ and she told me to just add them up so I answered again and said ‘well I have SUM slices’.”

The crowd had a great time, much needed, as did I. Hopefully, next semester the comedian is just as funny or better just stay tuned with SAC!

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