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Ace –The volleyball term for when a serve lands in the receiving team’s court either without being touched by any player on the receiving team or it is touched by only one member of the opposing team without being legally passed back over the net.

Kill –Another volleyball term referring to a successful, legal, point-scoring play.

Maul –In rugby, a maul occurs when the ball-carrier is held by one or more opponents, and one or more of the ball carrier’s teammates bind on the ball carrier. Once a maul is being carried out, players must keep moving forward or the ball will be considered dead and play stops.

Slasher –A basketball player who consistently rushes the net, blowing by the defense with steady quickness.

Slap-shot –This refers to the hardest on-goal shot a hockey player can take. It requires four steps, including winding up, “slapping” the ice slightly behind the puck, wrist control, and following through.

Backbreaker –This lacrosse term is a trick shot where the stick is held by both hands above the head and the ball is shot underhand and behind the back AND between the leg

Slap-check –Another lacrosse term for a check where a player uses the head of his stick to slap an opposing player in the arm, hand, or stick to dislodge the ball.

Slam-dunk –In basketball, this is a shot in which the player forcefully thrusts the ball into the hoop, usually on a jump shot.

Chip-shot –A soccer term referring to an on-goal kick attempting to “chip” the ball just over the goalie’s hands, just under the crossbar, and perfectly into the net.

Chest Trap –When a soccer player uses his or her chest to trap and control the ball in the air.

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