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Four exams, a quiz, and 2 lab reports in a week. So much to do in so little time. It all seems so hopeless, like a huge wall that separates you from rest, fun, and life. It may look like there’s no end to this torment, but there is. The week will come to an end. Whatever problems you may have will eventually have a resolution. How it ends, of course, depends on the effort you put in overcoming your obstacles. The tasks you were given aren’t impossible, and should be done to the best of your abilities. This is because the Quran states in chapter 2 verse 286, “Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. It will have [the consequences] of what [good] it has gained, and it will bear [the consequences of what [evil] it has earned.”

The trials you face are only a test, no pun intended. You are not given them so that you can fail. You are given them because you have the full potential and ability to manage your problems, reaping the rewards that are associated. Because of this, hardships and problems shouldn’t always be looked at as a curse. They are in some ways a blessing. Hardships are an inevitable occurrence, but also provide a balance in life. How would one know what happiness is without sadness? How would one know what success is without failure? How would one know what fun is without work?

Some people experience greater difficulties in life than others. Some of them don’t take the opportunity to grow from these experiences, but instead choose to give up in one way shape or form. Troubles for some get so bad that they give up on life. They don’t see the hope. They feel like they took a one way road with no way to get back. What they don’t know is the exit is only a few miles up ahead. They lose track of the reasons why they were put into this planet. To live life in this world doing as much good as possible remembering the one who created them, not having worldly issues engulf them. If only they knew that each and every single creation would be given their dues in this world and in the next, even if it is an ant who was wronged by another ant. The trials and tribulations of today translate into rewards tomorrow.

Even the best of people fall into a dark void that seems to be inescapable, full of doubt, worry, and helplessness. At the lowest point in the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) life when his own people were rejecting him, the Prophet (pbuh) being only human entered a state of fright and confusion. Imagine being shunned by everyone who knew you, people who not a few days ago were your best of friends. His situation was devastating and had a powerful impact on his wellbeing. However, this pain did not go unnoticed, Allah (Glorified and Exalted be he) sent down Surah As-Sharh of the Quran which says, “For, Indeed with hardship [will be] ease. Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” This verse reassured the Prophet (pbuh) that his path would end with comfort and that with every difficulty comes a reward of ease. This is the mercy of Allah (Glorified and Exalted be he).

Next time when things don’t seem to be looking up, look at what you have, not at what you don’t have. Think about the good that you did, or could do, instead of what you could have done. Just be patient and endure the struggle because no hardship can last forever.

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