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Your love life with your partner will be super red hot extra spicy this week. Your romantic potential is through the roof.


You will likely have a secret love affair, or maybe, a crush will turn into something more. Have courage, and things will change.


Your social and love life are about to get a boost! You will be intertwined with your partner in an exciting way, one that will bring you closer together.


You are going to be insanely attractive this week; watch out for sexual harassment situations from fellows at the office!


You will need to work on bring the spark back to your relationship with your partner, so look for opportunities to grow and get closer.


This week, your name will be passion. You will feel love drunk for someone, and all reason will go out the window.


Passion will come back into your relationship naturally, your partner might even take the lead! Embrace this chance, and follow your love!


A risky office romance might be in the cards for you; it will feel natural and irresistible, and most importantly, it will be fun.


No one will be able to stop you from getting what you want in love. Be confident and make a move; if you’re ready, sparks will fly.


You will have more fun staying in than heading out with your partner. You’ll want to spend time nesting, rather than exerting energy.


Write a love letter, make it beautiful, and send it. Initiate a conversation as well, and actually talk to the person you love.


Your partner will make you feel amazing. You might also enter a business deal with them; be innovative and make money!

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