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The Graduate Student Association hosted its annual Masquerade Ball on Friday, February 13 2015. The ball was Gatsby themed, which was fairly intriguing. Every aspect of the Atrium was beautifully decorated, the stage being the most aesthetically pleasing. It had a minimalistic design with the words “Great Gatsby” in bold, elegant letters.

All over the room, people buzzed with excitement for the event. Lots of people stopped to see what the commotion was all about; what they saw were hundreds of people, exquisitely dressed, sitting and moving around.

On the corners of the stages, there were two pillars topped with large masks that looked completely elegant. It was an astounding scene. Throughout the course of the event, the GSA volunteers called up couples to the stage and had them dance. At the end of each round, the audience was called upon to cheer as loud as they possibly could for each couple. The couple with the loudest cheers took home various prizes.

There were additional performances throughout the night; people took to the stage and danced, aweing the crowds. One particular performance, the breakdancing performed by a masked duo, was well received and garnered great applause from the audiences.

Alongside these festivities, the GSA provided some gorgeous looking foods. The cupcakes were completely stylish and well done. The masks, which were placed on all of the cupcakes, were a great touch and really added to the atmosphere of the Atrium.

The tables were as classy as you would expect from a ball of this magnitude. They had nice, clean table cloths with vases in the center. All of the couples received masks and roses at the front table as well as a random name picked from a bow. These names were used to select the couples who would later be dancing together on stage.

Simply put, the event was a high-class experience. Everyone was dressed to the nines and looked absolutely striking. The GSA clearly funneled a lot of effort into this event to entertain students; with that, next year should be even better.

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