NJIT remembers, says goodbye to one of its own

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NJIT remembers, says goodbye to one of its own

Albert Roman, a sophomore Electrical Engineering student known for his charming sense of humor, died Tuesday, Feb. 17. He had recently turned 20 years old.

Roman was found dead outside the Parking Deck after apparently falling to his death. Public Safety reported that no foul play is suspected.

Roman was a resident of Laurel Hall. His friends described him as having loved performing standup comedy. His profile picture on Facebook depicts one of his performances.

News of his death prompted the university to immediately arrange counseling sessions for shocked associates of Roman in the following two days.

Marybeth Boger offered her condolences to Albert’s family and friends and was present at the counseling sessions. She told The Vector: “He was going to finish his EE degree then try his hand at comedy. He had a winning smile and was very funny.”

Dr. Steven Gary, EOP Assistant Director for Sophomore Counseling Services, was his advisor. He shared his thoughts on the tragedy.

“What kind of stands out to me is that Albert had a perpetual smile on his face,’’ Gary said. “I met with him the day before the disaster for our regularly scheduled meeting and he was his normal, friendly, smiling self. I was really in shock the very next day. I got the bad news after meeting with him; I couldn’t believe it. He was always positive and very serious about doing everything he could to be the best student he could be. We spent a lot of time talking about how he could improve his time management and his studies.”

“It is such a great loss. In my view, he had a very bright future. It is painful that his life was truncated so early,” Dr. Gary said.

Roman graduated from High Tech High School in North Bergen in 2013. He started NJIT in the fall of 2013. He is survived by his brother, mother, and father who live North Bergen.

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