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Last year, Apple introduced its first entry into the wearables realm; the Apple Watch. The announcement was a huge spectacle with key players in the fashion industry present at the announcement of the product.

The device looks well-crafted, as is to be expected of any work done by Sir Jony Ive, the Senior Vice President of Design at Apple. Some designs of the Apple Watch Edition collection are crafted out of high grade, 18 karat gold. Obviously, the price tag definitely will reflect this excess heavily.

The software looks very intriguing on this upcoming device. Apple has never done a wearable device in the past, so it is exciting to see what will come from this. The magic dial/trackpad on the side of the device is definitely an intriguing concept. There has, however, been a lot of talk about whether or not that seems practical.

From established design knowledge, many people would rather have a minimalistic, swipe friendly interface, rather than one that is crowded and difficult to navigate. Many early testers of this product claim that the interface is incredibly easy despite its crowded look. In fact, many major watch makers have openly admitted to being threatened by the imminent release of Apple’s upcoming device. This warrants a lot of speculation as to what the Apple watch secretly has to offer that makes it such a huge deal.

We currently know that it will be packed with heart rate monitors, pedometers, and all sorts of sensors. It also contains an immersive new display that does not necessarily always fully light up. If it is displaying the color black, those portions of the screen simply do not light up. This makes the images look as if they’re sort of floating in space, which definitely sounds like something I would like to see.

With the Apple watch API released ahead of the release, there should be a great deal of apps already tailored for the Watch by the time it hits the market, so that’s another thing to be excited about. It is going to be interesting to see how well Apple does in this venture into the Wearable Technologies industry.

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