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Tech Spotlight: Bragi Dash

The world is consistently pushing the boundaries of technology. There are smart TVs, smart glasses, smart fridges, smart microwaves; it seems like everything is just getting a billion times smarter. When you would think we were running out of things to make smart; the latest and greatest innovation comes out. Smart headphones.

I personally love the idea set forth by the company “Bragi.” The “Dash” is a pair of smart earphones that are designed completely wirelessly. It is just two, compact earbuds that comfortably slip right into your ears. No wires at all. That, on its own, is a monumental innovation. But, Bragi dares to take it even farther.

What more could you possibly do? Well how about throw in 4 GB of internal storage right into your headphones. So, not only will these Smart Headphones be able to connect to your already smart device; they can also work as a standalone media player on those dreadful days when you forget your phone. Just throw some of your favorite songs on to your headphones, and you are set wherever you go.

But that’s not all. Bragi dares to go even further. They even throw in an accelerometer, heart rate sensor, oxygen saturation sensor, and internal microphone. Now that is smart. All in to the portable, compact sweetness of a pair of headphones.

That’s a lot of stuff to digest, there can’t be more. Oh, but that is where we are wrong. This fairly unheard of company has also developed a sound software “transparent” mode, which allows you to hear ambient sounds while listening to your audio through your headphones. So you aren’t really blatantly ignoring the world around you when wearing these headphones; all the important noises you need to hear still make their way to you.

On top of that, the headphones even have trackpads on them; making it easy and convenient to raise the volume by simply swiping your headphones. Incredible. So how were they able to accomplish this? Bragi is a company that is not to well known. However, they reached out to the large community known as the internet; more specifically on

Their Kickstarter page had an original goal of $260,000 to create and mass produce this innovative new product. They not only reached this goal; they completely trumped the goal. They made over 10x more then what they were asking for; a total of over $3 million funded to these insanely nice headphones.

$3 million to develop headphones? That sometimes makes me wonder, has technology gone too far?

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