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Editorial: The World View

There’s a lot that happens in our daily grind. We wake up, struggle if we must, and do our best to succeed. We try to face each day as a new start. And as people trying to constantly trying to improve, it’s in our nature to succeed. To try as hard as we can, to face trouble square in the face, and to overcome are what we were born to do. Sadly though, no matter how hard we try, we are reminded of the value of what those efforts amount to.

My friends, we lost a great inspiration to not only the Rooster Teeth community, but to the world. For those unaware, Rooster Teeth, is a wonderful community of people who made it their careers to make people like us laugh. Not only that, but to make us question and challenge our creativity all the same.

Of the Rooster Teeth family was a great man by the name of Monty Oum, a man who was not only kind but also an inspiration. Monty Oum was the animator for what Rooster Teeth is most notably famous for, Red Vs. Blue, and now the critically acclaimed RWBY series, as well as other titles such as Dead Fantasy.

Now why am I speaking about Monty? Because he serves as a very important figure to people like us. We may not be animators, but we’re people with passions. He demonstrated to us in life, and even in his passing, what it means to follow through with his passions. He proved that there’s more to your 100% effort, there’s never giving up, there’s finding that extra bit that pushes you past the limit.

While I am not a devout Rooster Tooth fan, I have met Monty a couple times both causally and as press. I was beyond humbled by him. He would give everyone he met the 100% attention that his fans deserved. And to me, that character can only speak wonders of the wonderful things this man can accomplish. Sadly though, we lost a great talent at the young age of 33. We love you Monty, and we will miss you, and we won’t ever forget you.

I was reminded of my efforts at this news, and the concept of working tirelessly to get to where I need to go. I truly believe that life revolves the concept of doing what you love and following your passions. We can look upon our role models, and all of them follow their dreams, be it their original ones or one they crafted after years of effort.

As I write this editorial, only wishing to bring back these great role models, I am reminded of how wonderfully gifted we all are, and that we all have this passion that enables us to go beyond our limits. We all have the ability to the greatest of things, if we give everything our 100%.

In the words of Monty, “The world looks very different, when you’re pushing yourself every second you’ve got.”

Photo Credit: milk-puppy.tumblr.com

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Danielle Judka

Dani is a student at NJIT and Business Manager of the NJIT Vector. An avid lover of anime and video games, she writes to share her opinions and to enrich in her readers with the things she enjoys. Feel free to email her at business-manager@njitvector.com.

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