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This Student Senate meeting was the last for the 2014-15 senators and the first for the 2015-16 senators.

Once the outgoing Senators took attendance for their last meeting, meeting minutes for April 1st were approved, and reports were given by the outgoing Senators. Discussed topics included the activities of Residence Life, implementation and enforcement of Honors requirements and Honors theses, availability of Seats for Rutgers Classes, our Recycling Program, and upcoming events.

After these reports, Rajeet Das took his oath and was sworn in as the new Student Senate President. Next, all other new senators took their oaths. The old senators left their seats and the new senators took their places. The first task for the new senators was to choose the College of Science and Liberal Arts (CSLA) Representative. There were two candidates: Shivam Patel and Atharva Dhole. Each candidate gave a short speech to the Senate, answered 3 questions, and gave a closing statement. After that, everyone but the Senators left the room and after discussion, votes were cast. Atharva Dhole was elected as the next CSLA Rep. and sworn in.

Next, the Senators made announcements. Next week is spring week, in which a period of events as well as transitioning in for new senators with the help of the old ones. The Senate End of Year Awards Ceremony is April 29th, and the next meeting is April 22nd.

At the end of the meeting, Student Senate President Rajeet Das said that the elections turnout was high, and this was a good start for the new senate since many students are enthusiastic about their new senators. He asserted that we must hit the ground running for this reason.

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