On-Campus Opinion # 12

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1. “Not really sure.”

Peter Zmuda.

FreshmanConstruction Management Technology.

2. “More history and law related classes for the history and LTC department.”        Michael Tadros.

Sophmore. Law Technology Culture. Computer Science.

3. “Get more events that make the student interact like huge potlucks, dance-offs, etc.”Wilfredo Alvizures.

Civil Engineering.


4. “Evaluating regulations such as a student forgetting their id and no being able to get around campus or having to pay if a student loses their id.”  Zeeshan Khan.Graduate.Computer Engineering.

5. ” Giving a chance for students to make more suggestions to senate, in maybe an anonymous way on the website.”Salvador QuijadaMath of FinanceJunior.

6. “I wanna see more resident/commuter events.”

Nicholas RosaMechanical Engineering TechnologyFreshman

7. ” For Professors to take their time in selecting good TAs.”

Joel Godoy.

Information Technology.


8. “A huge pizza party on campus to enhance commuter experience!?”

Allen Reed.


Chemical Engineering.

9. “If anything they could come up with more clubs, cultural activities, and intramural sports.”                                                    Prasen Modi.



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