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Mark Neubauer

The Resident Feedback Session was jointly hosted by Student Senate and RHA on Friday, April 10th. Attendees received free handouts such as T-shirts, and were entered in a raffle to win $25 gift cards. Over pizza and soda, students had a guided discussion regarding many important issues for those living on campus.

First, the topics of events and advertising was brought up. One problem is that many residents are unaware of all the great on-campus events offered. Students expressed the need for a whiteboard that would display the upcoming events for the week in a prominent location, such as the campus center. Another suggestion that everyone seemed to love was to put upcoming events on the NJIT app so that students can look them up at their leisure.

Residents talked about the events they particularly enjoyed and did not enjoy. They were also asked about living arrangements and the strength of the sense of community within the residence halls. Attendees were in favor of more team-building exercises to give students the opportunity to know everyone on their floor, and believe RA hosted events should be better advertised.

In the latter half of the feedback session, an open forum allowed students to bring up whatever issues they felt were important. Many physical plant and maintenance problems were brought to the forefront, such as the lack of decent overhead lighting in the Cypress and Redwood residence halls. They also suggested that maintenance leave a note behind so that students will know if and when anything is fixed.

The involvement of residents who attended the feedback session was very helpful. Suggestions are being taken into serious consideration and have become important goals that Senate and RHA hope to achieve this semester and the next.

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