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One app which every NJIT student should have is the unofficial mobile app is an immensely useful tool for both commuters and residents. This app is available for both iPhone and Android users, and was first introduced to app stores in the fall of 2014 by Ernest Grzybowski, Product Manager of Sticky Pixel Studios.

The app contains various features which allow students to access information with a few taps on their smartphone. It has a list of common contacts that may be useful for students, some of which include the phone numbers of Public Safety, the Bursar Office, CAPE (the Center for Academic and Personal Achievement)—now known as TLC (The Learning Center), CCAPS (the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services), and other important centers on campus. Additionally, the app has a direct link to The Vector newspaper, which gives students the latest fix on everything that goes on at NJIT. Students can find articles about recent events, opinion editorials, and even app reviews like this in the Vector portion of the NJIT app. Mainly for residential students, the NJIT app also provides the daily entrees for the Gourmet Dining Service on campus. Students are able to access not only what meals are being served at the dining hall, but also at what time each meal begins. This is sure to help you decide whether you want to dine on campus or dine out.

A very handy tool for commuters is the train schedule portion of the app. The feature contains updates schedules of the light rail and other transit systems; this is perfect for the busy commuter with a packed schedule and no time to waste. The app also contains a high-resolution campus map, which makes it easy for everyone to get from one place to another if they ever need help.

This app makes it easy for all students, faculty, and parents to navigate through campus with ease. With its functionality, convenience, and accessibility, this app is a must have for all NJIT students, faculty, and staff.

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