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One of the most undeniably stressful parts of college is choosing classes you like that also fit your schedule. The University itself does a decent job at providing the proper tools to help make registering for classes a little less stressful on students, but there are also a lot of gaps and inconveniences with the school’s official resources. Luckily for us, one of our extraordinary NJIT students noticed these blunders and created, a website designed to help students choose classes with relative ease. is extremely helpful in that it shows students, with a simplistic but very insightful Graphical User Interface, how their prospective schedule will look. You can easily add and drop classes without worrying about your current registration status since it is not actually linked to your Student Registration. It is meant to be used as a guideline for students to get a visual on what their schedule would look like. allows students to make multiple potential schedules and choose the one that best suits their needs. The website also simply provides the name of the instructor so that students can do a quick search to see if that is a professor they would like to have. In addition to that, it provides students with the CRN number of the classes they have finally selected so that they can easily register for the class using the Highlander Pipeline.

In conclusion, is an extremely resourceful website that has the potential to simplify the life of any student that chooses to use it. It is extremely beneficial for freshmen: it allows them to see when classes are full and when they need to make other course selections. It is also useful for upperclassmen and seniors: it easily allows them to look through interesting electives and see what best suits their schedule.

Overall, is a must use for any student that wishes to do well at NJIT!

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