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Chess Exhibition

By Marwarida Chowdhury

Amid the other activities taking place on the green area on Wednesday, you might have spotted NJIT’s Chess Club. Several chess games were set up with at least two dozen players all facing off at the same time. Some of the players were actual experts, many were people who had wandered over and discovered that NJIT had a chess club. Each game had a small crowd of onlookers, made up of friends and spectators and other players waiting between games or after being eliminated. The general atmosphere was more carefree than competitive. “It’s nice to just get out of class and play chess,” said John Moreira, junior.

Chess at NJIT has turned into something more than just a game. The Chess Club sees players who participate for all kinds of reasons. Some students play as a form of chess relief. Some like the strategizing, and some see others playing and want to learn too. Regardless of their reason, NJIT’s Chess Club welcomes all students. Events like the exhibition that took place on Wednesday are organized by the Chess Club. The event was a success, many new people joined in and everyone agreed they enjoyed the friendly competition. Miguel Moledo, sophomore remarked “It was great playing outside, it’s a good time for everyone.”


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