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Restaurant Review: Gracias a Dios Pupuseria

By Joshua Rincon and Nikhil Kanoor

There is a wide range of food in the cultural melting pot that is Newark. If you happen to be in the Bloomfield area, we highly recommend you head to Gracias a Dios Pupuseria. At Gracias a Dios they offer native food commonly found in El Salvador. Their speciality dish is called pupusas, which are tortillas stuffed with either cheese, pork or refried beans.


The location of the restaurant is in a quiet neighborhood in Bloomfield where police are regularly patrolling. The outside of the restaurant is decked out in flags from El Salvador and there is seating both outside and inside. The employees of this restaurant are bilingual and a good resource to practice your Spanish skills with. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very similar to that of eating at home. All over the dining area are flags of Latin American countries. If you are a fan of soccer the restaurant has a TV there so you can keep up with your favorite leagues while you eat (all matches are broadcast in Spanish).


We would definitely recommend this place. The location and the food are worth the trip out to the outskirts of Newark. The service is good, the atmosphere is nice and the pupusas are spectacular. The price of the food can vary as some other dishes they serve are more expensive than having pupusas. Out of five stars, this restaurant is definitely a five.

Restaurant address:

Gracias a Dios Pupuseria

71st Ave




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