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Robot Awareness Day

By Babatunde Ojo

On Wednesday September 24, 2015, a group of individuals set out from GITC room 2314 with the goal to extend their club’s interests across NJIT’s campus. Their specific interest is the core to almost every sci-fi story out there—and that is to make and use robots.

Justin Joseph, having been a member for three years and now president of the Robotics Club says, “the club’s goal is to show the student body and faculty just how far their development and efforts have gone. In the background I found there to be roughly four or five well put together robots getting ready to strut their gears and bolts in hopes of finding people with interests to join the club. With a solid 30 members branching from an assortment of majors such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Bio-medical engineering, and of course mechanical engineering, the club is willing to accept anyone with any major to join in they’re even the slightest.

The club holds bi-weekly technician programs to help instruct beginners on what they need to know before they start. The programs can also go in depth for people who already have an intermediate level of experience with robotics. The next program will take place on October 7th from 3PM to 4PM when they also hold their meetings. Nick Fratianni, vice president, spoke of the club’s aspirations for this school year. Their first event, on November 25th, will be the Robotic Games in which they give certain tasks to robots such as solving a Rubik’s cube, or other feats that would prove too complicated for myself. They are also in the works of traveling to VEX competitions to challenge schools such as NYIT and VCAT. With recent funding received from the Dean, they are currently in the works of creating a small scale hovercraft and plan on starting up something akin to a “Robotic Olympics.” Stay tuned!

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