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By Ianis Deminski

The Nomination Process for Republicans seeking the Presidency took a dramatic turn after last Tuesday’s debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. The debate, which aired on CNN, dwelled on familiar topics like Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton while later adding in the issues of immigration, marijuana, and even vaccines. The candidates had several opportunities to redeem themselves from mishaps in the last debate (Jeb Bush fell in the polls following the first debate) or rather, to continue their domination. For example, Donald Trump, the rising star of the party, was quick to exchange remarks with Bush, Carson, and especially Carly Fiorina while again making making extraordinary comments regarding the issues. Aside from arguing with Trump about each other’s career histories, Carly Fiorina, the only woman on the stage, received praise for her criticism of Planned Parenthood and her aggressive stances against Obama and Clinton. Jeb Bush admitted to smoking marijuana in high school and Ben Carson, who is a retired neurosurgeon, suggested that several childhood vaccines can be delayed. However, when the topic of immigration was brought up, each candidate offered serious plans to limit the flow of immigrants or to deport all of the illegals. This perhaps, was the most ironic part of the debate as each candidate was debating in the museum of Ronald Reagan, one of the most revered Republican Presidents, who supported amnesty and immigration.

Many students at NJIT watched the debate, which was aired at the Highlander Pub and even at Gourmet Dining Services. Sean Regan, a freshman majoring in Engineering Science, said that Ted Cruz impressed him at the debate but that he would still would rather vote for Bernie Sanders. Furthering his interest in Politics, Regan is running for Vice President of Cyprus Hall and runs a “green campaign” that doesn’t use any paper. Another student, Adrian Wong, had previously taped posters supporting Trump onto his door. Wong, a freshman biology student at the Albert Dorman Honors College, said that, “Trump has what it takes to be great. He’s not your average politician and he’s more trustworthy than Clinton”. Unfortunately, other students did not share Adrian’s views and repeatedly vandalised his posters of Trump. Amar Jain, a freshman majoring in biology, had little to say about the debates but rather expressed his desire to become President of the Honors Hall Council, so he could motivate other students to become more socially active and engaged with in their community. Whether at a local or national level, the students at NJIT do not shy away from their opinions or avoid positions of leadership. One student even proposed starting a club for supporting Bernie Sanders. NJIT itself held a voter registration fair on September 22nd, which was open to any student wishing to register themselves for either the primaries or the election.

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