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Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the entire world. They sell everything from socks to socket sets to computers to televisions, etc. They have even expanded over the past year, by adding Prime Pantry and Prime Home Services. Prime Pantry takes Amazon Prime members one step further, by transforming into their very own online convenience store. You can find many products that you would find at your local Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, etc. right on the internet. That includes snacks, skin care, and over the counter medicine as well. This proves to be extremely useful; especially for college students.

As a college student, it gets increasingly difficult, as you move through the years, to find time for physically shopping for gadgets and necessities. Amazon aims to alleviate the stress of shopping by putting everything right in front of you on an easy to navigate website. They also make it extremely simple to get what you want fast; with Amazon Prime, you get free two day shipping on all orders; excluding Prime Pantry and Prime Home Services. In addition to that, Amazon seems to understand the struggle that is college life.

They offer a free six months of their Prime membership for students signing up with a “.edu” email address. After the trial, students will have the opportunity to purchase a year of prime for a significantly reduced price. Prime gives students access to the aforementioned 2 day free shipping on all Prime eligible products. In addition to that, you get one free Ebook to borrow per month from their Ebook Lending Library. You also have access to Prime Music and their very own Netflix-esque Prime Video Service.

On top of all of that, they give you access to the Amazon Cloud Drive, which allows you to upload as many photos to the cloud and leave them there. Amazon is also a great place to buy and rent textbooks. They have semester long renting, which is significantly more affordable then buying a textbook that you are going to return within the year. They make the process extremely easy by sending you the textbook with a return label and reminding you consistently towards the end of the period to ship the book back using the return label provided.

For all these benefits, you would think that Amazon Prime was a premium and inaffordable service. Contrarily, with the student membership, the cost is only $49 for the entire year. That is around $4 per month, and it is definitely more than worth that amount. Amazon Prime is a must have for students in college; make sure you try out the free trial at

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