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Graduate Student Research Day 2015

By Bansari Doshi

Graduate Student Research Day is the biggest Academic event of NJIT organized by Graduate Student Association. “The Main aim of the event was to give students a platform to present their work so that even their juniors, peers and seniors can know about the work,” as said by the President of GSA. The commencement of the event took place at 10:00 AM .The event not only had graduate students but it also had undergraduate and Ph. D. students showcasing their research work through poster presentation. Participation had a total of 70 abstracts.

The event saw the research on some very intriguing topics that seemed really beneficial to society. Going through all the poster presentations, I came across a research work of two Mechanical Engineering Students, Ivette Malave and Bharath Nunna, regarding a “Bio-chip for Cancer Diagnosis”. Their goal was to design a Bio-chip that was cheap and could help diagnose cancer with a microvolume of blood sample that would pass through a chip which contained cancer cell detectors.

Another student named Ziyue Zhong (Computer Science and Bioinformatics) made us familiar with a nanocomposite material with biocidal properties, which can be used to eliminate biological weapons.

Ahmad Rao, a mechanical and industrial engineering student, had his presentation on ‘Optimizing Admittance control for compliant Human –Robot Interaction’. He said his work is centered around helping people with disabilities by optimizing the parameters of Admittance control, which will help in smooth movement of robotic parts. It is great to see how knowledge is being used to help those in need.

We found a student named Faria Sanjana, a Biomedical Engineering student, presented her research on the ‘Effect of MELT Method on thoracolumbar connective tissue,’ which addressed lower back problems in people.

The Research Day Convention had opening remarks by the president of the GSA, Murugan Chelliah Balaji, and a speech by Dr. Sotirios G. Ziavras who is the Advisor of GSA. The event also saw the Guest speaker Dr. Haimin Wang, Director of Space Weather Research Laboratory. An award ceremony was conducted to appreciate the best poster presentations followed by a closing speech of the Advisor of GSA.

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