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Music in the Library Concert Series Opens to Public

Stephen Chan, executive editor

The Barbara and Leonard Littman library is once again hosting their third Music in the Library concert series, which features performances by the members of the Montclair Trio. The group will perform pieces by Johan Sebastian Bach and Luigi Boccherini on December 8 at 7PM.

While the Music in the Library series had been previously only open to students in the college of Architecture, Maya Gervits, the Director of the Littman Library, has opened the series to all students.

“I believe that music is important for students,” said Gervits. “It is a good concert series that establishes relationships with the Montclair Trio from the school of music at Montclair University, and it is good for students.”

Gervits is a music enthusiast and wanted to bring music to the students of NJIT. “Connections between music and various academic disciplines have been well established over the centuries,” said Gervits in an announcement about the series.

“German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe called architecture frozen music; composer Alexander Skryabin explored associations of musical keys with colors, and Albert Einstein called music the driving force behind intuition. Links between music and spatial-temporal skills, those important in solving problems encountered in architecture, math, art, and gaming have been discovered by neuroscientists.  It has been proven that music can inspire higher brain functioning and unlock creativity. Many academic institutions, according to a recent Mellon Foundation report, are investigating partnership between the arts and other academic disciplines to foster these connections. Music events at the Littman Library aim to cultivate this spirit of connectedness and establish the Library as a place which can provide cultural and educational opportunities often not possible within a curricular setting.”

Any questions about the concert series can be forwarded to Maya Gervits at

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