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App of the Week: Neko Atsume

By Awais Qazi

Finals season is hitting us all really hard right now, but fret not—we have found a game that is perfect to play alongside studying for finals. A great way to be productive with studying is to take 15 minute breaks for every 45 minutes of work you do. This is a proven method that keeps enthusiasm high, distractions limited, and focus maximized.

Neko Atsume is an app that keeps that in mind. It seems like the creators understand that people just do not have time anymore to be playing games on their phone for hours at a time.

They came up with a solution: a game that requires less than 2 minutes of interaction every now and then. The way it works is you purchase food and little toys or objects for cats to interact with in your own virtual backyard using in-game currency. You then place all your objects in the yard, put food out, and close the app. Every now and then, you can check back in on your yard and see that there are adorable kittens playing around and having a great time.

I’m not exaggerating here— these kittens are extremely lovable, and I could watch them for hours. Once you spot your first kittens, you can start taking pictures of them, using the camera in the app, and filling up your scrapbook. The purpose of the game is to fill up your scrapbook with photos of all of the cats. It’s kind of Pokemon-esque in that the objective is to catch them all. While on your quest to collect images of all of the cats, you can use the currency, which is accumulated from kittens paying you for their time in your yard, to purchase upgrades and fancier toys and objects. You can extend your yard once you start building up a lot of money, which is a great goal to work towards.

This finals season we all need some cuteness in our lives right about now, and this game definitely provides you with more than enough of your daily dosage of cuteness. The game is very quick and perfect for short study breaks. I will warn you though, once you go cats, you can never go back.

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