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By Awais Qazi

Unfortunately, Syllabus week has come to a close and it is time to get back in the groove of college life. This includes countless hours of reading, studying, and also struggling to stay healthy. One app that does an amazing job at alleviating the stress that comes with all of this is Spotify!

Spotify has become a huge name lately. Everyone is using it nowadays to stream music for free. However, it does more than just allow you to stream music—users have the ability to customize the music they listen to, whether it be the album or song of an artist, a random radio station under a specific genre, or even pre-made playlist.

It takes away the frustration of having to know exactly what you want to listen to. Spotify allows you to choose how you’re feeling or how you would like to feel and it plays songs that relate to that mood. For example, if you are looking for music to listen to while having dinner, try the “Dinner” playlist. If it is time to hit the gym, the “Workout” playlist is right there and ready for you. My favorites happen to be the “Sleep” and “Deep Focus” playlists. The “Sleep” playlist is self-explanatory; it plays songs that will help you ease right into sleep. The “Deep Focus” playlist also has tracks which can help promote productivity. It plays calming background music that does not distract you, but does the exact opposite. It allows you to be more productive than ever before. It is perfect for getting homework done, studying for exams, or even getting chores around the house done more efficiently than ever.

Spotify is really revolutionizing the music industry by making it so much simpler than ever before to get right into music. It also helps listeners discover new music in their genre of interest that they may have otherwise never stumbled upon. This also helps artists in the music industry reach new audiences. The app and service is always updating and making music available to the masses as quick as ever. Spotify is available on mobile, laptop and desktop devices. Make sure you check it out today!

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