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By Awais Qazi

College is not only a place for students to get a well-rounded education, but it is also a place where students can, and should, make strong connections that will help them in the future. Towards the end of college, it becomes increasingly important to find a way to break into the professional world and find a job. An easy way to do this is to connect with either an alumni or a professional in the industry. However, after students make those connections, it becomes really difficult to stay in touch with them.

LinkedIn is a service that aims to alleviate that difficulty. Similar to Facebook, it is a social network that is aimed to be more professional. Users can connect with people they have met, view their accomplishments, and continue to interact with them after making an impression on them in person. In addition to that, the people that you connect with can see your accomplishments, positions, and education to help you find something that suits your skills. This service is also particularly useful in the event that one obtains an interview for a potential job or internship with a company. Users can navigate and read more information on a company’s services, goals, history, and present role in its industry to prepare for the scheduled interview.

The mobile version of the service itself makes it easy to update your profile and view articles that other professionals enjoyed. It also allows you to see how others are doing. If you find that someone rises to a role that you want to obtain in the future, you can ask them how they got there and see if they know of any vacant positions in their company. The app also has a built in messaging service that makes it easier to communicate with your connections. LinkedIn is a useful tool for getting students into the job market and helping them find ways to grow both professionally and personally.

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