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By Matthew Maravilla

From the staff of the NJIT Career Development Services, last Thursday, January 28th was an OCI and CDS software workshop. OCI’s are on-campus interviews, where companies come to NJIT to interview students for positions. This provides a convenience for the NJIT community as instead of having to travel to a company on weekdays when you might have a class, you instead only need to walk to Fenster Hall. Given all of the different resources provided through Career Development Services (CDS), it is also important for students to make use of CDS services like the OCI and the upcoming Spring Career Fair.

If you haven’t already checked it out in the past month, Career Development Services has also gone through a face-lift. First off, CDS has relocated to Fenster Hall, meaning that you don’t have to wait for one elevator to get to your career advisors. This also puts their offices closer to the campus center, making it more accessible to students. Second, Career Development Services has a new website that is both a lot more attractive as well as being a lot more organized that the previous version.

As someone who has been taking part in on-campus interviews since my sophomore year, getting yourself out there to as many positions that you’re interested in is important. If you are able to get an on-campus interview, you must attend it, or else you lose the privilege of attending on-campus interviews for the rest of your college career. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with making use of the tools Career Development Services provides you. From interview prep to career fairs, their job is to get you a job—take advantage of the resources and opportunities provided to help your professional development during and after NJIT!

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