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By Nikhil Kanoor and Joshua Rincon


“I can’t come up with a word that describes how good this food is.”

“I don’t know how they are able to make such great food in a truck!”

The a la Carte food truck is worthy of all of these platitudes, and more. Located just outside of Weston Hall, we do not think we have ever seen this food truck without at least five people ordering or waiting for their food. Despite the staggering number of people who are served in a day, we have never seen the waitresses with anything besides happiness and excitement at seeing new customers. Part of the reason why many enjoy eating here is because of the positive vibes that one gets from the waitresses.

One of the things that we noticed and liked was the amount of variety in the food. For those who are looking for healthy options, try something like the “Latin Platter,” which contains baked chicken with rice, salad and plantains. For those who are not looking for a healthy option, try the “beef half and half,” which is beef served with rice and either fries or salad, or one can try one of the many “fat sandwiches” that are available. For those who like to try foods from other cuisines, there are a myriad of options to choose from. For example, there are Spanish empanadas, Indian samosas, Middle Eastern falafel, Greek gyros and, of course, American classics like burgers.

No matter what you get, the food is sure to be filling and delicious. Our personal favorites are the “beef half and half” (with fries and Cajun sauce), or the Latin Platter.

Location: On Warren Street just outside Weston Hall and right across from the parking deck

Price: $$

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