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By Awais Qazi

Super Bowl Sunday was a huge occasion, as it always is. Nowadays, with products like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, it has become increasingly common for families to drop their cable subscriptions and switch to products like the Apple TV, Google ChromeCast, Roku Player, and other similar set top boxes.

When a national live television event like the Super Bowl comes on, all of these new-era TV users scramble to find ways to watch the program live without cable television. Luckily, CBS Sports offered everyone the opportunity to stream the Super Bowl on their website. This free stream was an exceptional marketing tactic to show consumers how useful it is to subscribe to CBS’ All Access Streaming service.

The All Access package allows people to watch any CBS Broadcast live on computers and mobile devices. You can watch live news, sports, special television events, and other major shows that play on their network. In addition to that, similar to services like Netflix and Hulu, they offer a selection of television shows that are available On Demand. This allows episodes from those television shows to be watched at any time, from any device that supports the service. What differentiates this service from that of the major content streamers is that CBS makes episodes available almost instantaneously. New episodes are available as soon as the day after they are aired on television.

That, along with the ability to watch live television on so many different devices, makes the CBS service a really great product. The Super Bowl really showcased the capabilities of CBS’ web player. The quality was unparalleled; people all over the US were able to stream the program in HD. In addition to that, it is made evident that even with such high demand on their networks, as is always present when hosting such a large television event, the player was able to keep up with the demand and still provide everyone with great quality media. CBS’ service is extremely useful. If they continue to add more content, it will soon be a must have for any content viewer.

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