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By Awais Qazi

Here at NJIT, we are always looking for the keys to success. We are always working as hard as we can to make a prominent impact on the society around us. However, all work and no play is never a good combination. That is why sometimes you just need to take a break and play some Flappy Khaled.

Flappy Khaled is a game that aims to put you on the righteous path towards success. It allows you to transform yourself into the ever-successful DJ Khaled and ride on a jet ski while avoiding life-threatening obstacles. As you progress through your journey, DJ Khaled keeps you motivated with his empowering saying; “another one.” Every time you make it through an obstacle, Khaled pushes you to strive for even more success with his anthem. However, if you hit an obstacle, Khaled tells you, “You played yourself.” You did not try hard enough to reach “another one.” These are the things that we need to hear in life to keep ourselves motivated. DJ Khaled teaches us that if we are not constantly striving towards another success, we really are just playing ourselves.

This website was created by a small group of creative artists and programmers who saw the DJ Khaled phenomenon grow and wanted to contribute to the growth of the phenomena. It is a simple application, based off the original and immensely popular Flappy Birds game. The game provides a good amount of fun but can also sometimes amount to a great deal of stress. This game can be found at It is a great way to boost your motivation and exhaust some spare time. Be careful not to play yourself too much!

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