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By Awais Qazi, tech editor

As college students, we are always looking for ways to apply our classroom education to the real world. Jobr is an app that seeks to make it easier to find experience.

Whether you are a current student, searching for an internship position, or a soon-to-be-grad, looking for full-time work, Jobr is an app that can help you get on your feet immediately. It works extremely similarly to Tinder. There is a quick sign up screen in the beginning; it is as simple as linking your Facebook and jumping right into the application experience. It ensures you it will not make any postings on your behalf or disrupt your typical social networking activities, so there is not much to worry about on that front. It takes your profile picture and significant information and puts together a neat profile to get you started on your job hunt. After that, it gives you a couple of different options to import your resume.

Your resume is the most significant part of this experience; it has all of your pertinent background information. Once you upload a resume, the rest of the experience is simple and straightforward. Like Tinder, you simply swipe right or left on a job posting to either apply or skip. For current students, you can search terms like “intern” to find opportunities for summer or spring internships. For those with a specialized skill set, Jobr has a search bar feature that allows one to find jobs that are compatible with that skill set. Once you have applied to a few places, you can check out the Matches tab, and it will show you all of the places that you have applied to. Once a company reviews your resume, it can contact you directly through the app and request either more information or extend an invitation to meet and discuss the position.

This app provides a simple and user-friendly graphical interface that has the potential to change the way the newer generation applies to jobs in the long term. It makes our lives, as college students, simpler. It is exciting to see all of the innovations in the career-placement industry, and to observe how large companies gravitate towards finding new solutions for gaps in recruitment.

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