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Liem Ho

Tasneem Hossain


Class of 2015

“Lynn has always been organized and a hard worker. She made sure the RAs were themselves taken care of and not stressed out with daily life.”

Jeremy Buhain


Class of 2015

“Lynn is a caring and tireless individual. From the way she talked to us RAs, you could tell how much she cared about the residence. I can’t imagine being the RA I was if it wasn’t for her instilling a sense of our purpose of making Residence Life as awesome as possible.”

Cindy Eng


Class of 2015

“Lynn always pays attention to detail. Once during a fall open house I dropped ketchup on a table cloth and even though it left a stain, she tried her best to clean it up. She always knew what she wanted from the RAs, and was always on the field. If there was any type of university-wide event for the students, she would stop by. She was always open to new ideas.”

Wyatt Peters

Human Computer Interaction


“I did not know Lynn before this past winter. My parents had kicked me out of their house, and I had to find a place to live. I started with looking on NJIT’s website to find out about housing around the campus because I could not afford to live on campus. I then thought it would be best to go in person to the Reslife department and ask them how I should go about it. I went to one department head I knew, and told her my situation. She suggested I speak with Lynn Riker. She mentioned how Lynn was the reason she wanted to take up a position at NJIT. I then met with Lynn, and the first thing that came to mind when I met her was kindness. The way she presented herself was professional, yet felt she was there for people like me and other students. We talked for a while and went over what had to be done. She made sure that whatever essentials I needed and she could provide was taken care of. She made arrangements for me to meet with financial aid and figure out how to pay for my expenses. She got me housing right that week. I took her suggestion to go to CCAPS, even though I wasn’t very willing. She then helped me with getting scholarships to cover room and board as well. Words cannot express how grateful I am to her. Without her, I would have been either on the streets, in serious debt, out of school, or all of those things. I am still pretty depressed about my situation, but just writing this reminds me that I can be much worse off. Lynn Riker gave me the opportunity to go on with my life and set me up to still be a success.”

Justin Yen



“In the summer before my freshman year, my plans changed last minute and I was trying to get room on campus. I contacted Lynn and she immediately told me to submit my housing application despite there being no spots opening in the foreseeable future. I appreciate Lynn because she went to bat for me and encouraged me to just be patient and wait. Next thing you know I was notified that a room had opened up and I ended up having an amazing roommate. I never had the chance to say thank you to her, and I would to show her my gratitude by supporting her in this time.”

Harshit Ratanpara

Chemical Engineering


“I am the freshman resident representative and I was in close contact with Lynn in regards to SAFRB proposals and other resident related concerns. Last fall semester we passed a proposal for water bottle filling stations to be placed in all of the residence halls. A proposal for TV monitors on every floor of the residence halls was recently passed as well. Lynn was always on top of her game and made sure these changes would be implemented. She was the perfect liaison between the voices of the students and faculty. Lynn was very direct, she also gave students advice on how to improve Student Senate feedback sessions, and helped clarify any confusion students had during these sessions.”

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