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By Marzia Rahman and Prasanna Tati

Miguelle Reynolds, IT, Junior

“Someone who isn’t bragging so much about his business, like Donald Trump [who brags a lot]. He would say stuff like “we’re going to build a wall”. I’m like, are you actually going to do that though? It’s just really scary and the fact that some people support because they’re not like hispanic or black. It’s really scary because they don’t know that whatever he will do if he gets elected, they think they won’t be affected. In the long run, it’s just going to destroy the whole United States of America. I [also] look for honesty and someone who doesn’t have a [questionable] background. For example, Hillary Clinton, when she was 49 said something offensive about black people and she said it was a childhood mistake. I’m like, you were 49, it was not a frickin childhood mistake dude.”

Michael Barrera, Mechanical Engineering, Freshman

“Awareness and devotion and [someone who is] hardworking. Because if they’re going to do anything or if they have plans I want them to be able to go follow through it one hundred percent, put all their hard work into it.”

Sara Zaky, Civil Engineering, Freshman

“To be honest and look for the people and not care about drama.What’s going on on tv is all a show and I don’t like it. I want them to be realistic and to know what they are doing.

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