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Taj Mahal Food Truck

Nikhil Kanoor and Joshua Rincon

The Taj Mahal food truck is located directly in front of the Otto H. York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science. One thing that sets this truck apart from other trucks is how easy it is to get your order. One can call ahead and place an order, and one can go online to their website in order to see the menu before deciding on what to buy. They also have an active Facebook page “Taj Mahal Lunch Truck,” which is actually a misnomer because you can get all three meals from there if you so wished. For those who are extremely busy and would like to pick up a quick snack, chips, drinks and candy are laid out on the side of the truck, and all you have to do is leave a dollar and take what you want. As a consequence, people can literally buy a snack without breaking stride. One of the more interesting things that the truck does is the loyalty coupon that they give. So if you buy $8 worth of food ten times, you can get a free sandwich the eleventh time.

There is an amazing variety of food here. As one would imagine by the name, there are many Indian and Middle Eastern selections to try. In addition, there are other cuisines to try, such as Greek gyros, and Spanish empanadas. Some of the Indian selections that are available are biryani (which is essentially rice mixed with vegetables and meat,) and dosa (a kind of crepe.) Of course, standard American fare is also served, like fat sandwiches and Buffalo wings.

For those who are looking for something new to try, the Taj Mahal food truck is without a doubt the place for you.

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