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First and foremost, congratulations to all the seniors that are graduating this semester. I’m sure the road to this point was not at all easy. Another milestone reached in life! For the seniors going to their respective fields, keep on growing.

Keep adding to the goodness and beauty in the world. Keep developing those unique dreams and talents that make you who you are. For everyone else seeking to further their studies, push yourself to do your best because no one is going to do it for you.

This school term went by in a blink of an eye. All of a sudden it’s already May. Finals are coming up soon and I’m sure everybody will be studying hard for it. My year as Business Manager in Vector is soon coming to an end. There are many things I learned being in this position and hope to use them in the future.

To the members of Vector: A job well done for completing this year’s set of issues. Since I joined The Vector, I have seen major improvement in the quality of the newspaper and this would not be possible if it was not for anyone who has ever been a part of this club. Good luck in the future issues and I look forward to reading them.

To those coming back next semester, enjoy your summer and have safe travels. Let’s all look forward to a new semester and challenge ourselves to new heights!

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